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We know time is important. The less time it takes a veteran to find a civilian career, the better it is for them, their families, and their community. The time savings employers receive by directly hiring veterans affects productivity, revenue, and morale. Veterans ASCEND is a web-based service changing the way veterans and employers connect. We translated 1,000+ military skill codes into transferable skills employers are looking for. Our user-friendly program eliminates guesswork and facilitates the connection between the veteran and the employer. Here’s how our program works:

Veterans: Create a FREE skills profile based on your military experience, education & training, licenses, and certifications. Then, you indicate your desired work location, availability, and salary requirements. That’s it. Employers connect with you based on your skills profile.

Employers: Create unlimited job profiles listing the required skills for your job vacancies. Our program matches your job profiles to the veteran’s skills profile with the highest percentage of match criteria. Then, you can review an unlimited number of veteran profiles. Once you’ve viewed the veteran’s profile, you can unlock the contact information and reach out to them with the confidence they have the skills you are looking for.

How We Got Here

Veterans ASCEND was created by veterans for veterans. During our transition out of the military, and our subsequent work in the Human Resources field, we learned a few things: 1) Veterans can have a hard time translating their military experience into skills for the civilian sector hiring process. 2) Veterans spend countless hours on job boards submitting resumes and never receive feedback. 3) Employers across the country can have a hard time connecting with veterans even if they are close to a military installation. 4) Employers may not understand a military resume and how a veteran’s work history translates to the skills they need for the company. Lastly, 5) Factor in the limited time HR departments have to review resumes, and veterans can be quickly overlooked for positions they are qualified for. The Veterans ASCEND model answers these issues, decreases the time to hire, and allows the employer to see how the veteran’s skills fit across the organization.

More about how it works

Watch this video for a brief talk on the program and how it works for veterans and employers. https://youtu.be/BMzf2mas6g4

More information for Veterans            More information for Employers

Subscription Pricing

This service is Free for veterans. Employers create an unlimited number of job profiles and review an unlimited number of matched veteran profiles. To Unlock the matched veteran’s contact information, employer’s pay a monthly subscription fee. 

  • Victor – $200 for single user to unlock 20 profiles. 
  • Echo – $700 for up to two people to unlock 100 profiles.  
  • Tango – $1,000 for up to five people to unlock 200 profiles.

Questions? Contact us at talent@veteransascend.com

We allow you to cancel your subscription at anytime. We cannot issue refunds though for the time left on your subscription. You will continue to have access until your subscription expires.


We are honored to partner with: 

Home Builders Institute (HBI) offers veterans a free program that provides education, career development, training and placement in the construction/building industry.  

Interactive Business Training helps businesses and veterans with their training and certification needs. They also offer consulting services and business solutions.

Military-transition.org provides relevant data and insights through interactive databases, infographics, and reports that help guide decisions about the transition and civilan employment.

Operation New Uniform trains veterans and their families for fulfilling careers and develops their skills as they grow within an organization. 

Operation Military Family Cares is a veteran services and solutions provider committed to helping Veterans and their families find success in their communities while providing world-class solutions to every industry that leverages America’s Greatest Asset – our military veterans. Those solutions improve personal and industry morale, profits, engagement and retention.

Paving Access for Veteran Employment (PAVE) is a division of Paralyzed Veterans of America. PAVE provides vocational counseling and job placement assistance to any veteran, active duty service member, spouse or caregiver across the country.  

Skilled To Build Michigan Foundation is a non-profit organization whose focus is to raise awareness of skilled trades as a viable career option. We are excited about the opportunity to introduce veterans into their talent pool as they separate from the military.

The RECON Network provides purpose-based training for veterans in career transition, with a focus of both workforce and community-based involvement.

Travis Manion Foundation unites communities to build an America that values Character above all else; where integrity is more important than celebrity; where social impact overrides personal gain; and where communities unite together to raise each other up.

Troopster  Military Care Packages is a web-based, veteran-owned business where family and friends of deployed service members purchase and personalize military care packages for their loved ones online. 

Upstate Warrior Solution connects warriors and their families to resources and opportunities, LEADS them through the process of self-empowerment, and INSPIRES the community to embrace local warriors and their families as valued neighbors and friends.

Veteran Scholarships Forever helps US military veterans transition back to civilian life, quickly and successfully by filling the gaps the GI Bill doesn’t cover.


Weekly interviews with industry leaders, companies and organizations, including veteran owned and veteran service organizations. Listen

Referral Program

When a nonprofit organization refers an employer who becomes a paid subscriber, Veterans ASCEND will make a donation back to the nonprofit organization for each month the employer is a paid subscriber. Donations will be made on a quarterly basis. Contact us at talent@veteransascend.com for more information.


Robyn Grable, Founder & CEO, is a Navy veteran with 30 years of HR experience and a member of SHRM. She is the founder of two other companies and has worked with veteran service organizations locally and nationally. It’s through her personal transition out of the Navy and her work placing veterans with employers that she masterminded the Veterans ASCEND model.

Stacey Wiggins, COO, is a retired Air Force veteran with over 26 years of military service in the telecommunications & cyber career fields. After two years in a post-military project management role he joined Robyn to form Veterans ASCEND. 

For more information, or a personalized consultation, contact us at talent@veteransascend.com

About The Founder

Robyn J. Grable is the creator of Veterans ASCEND, President/Owner of Service to Civilian, Inc. and sbHR. US Navy Veteran and Human Resources Professional with a Masters in Psychology. Robyn has over twenty-five years of human resources expertise; which includes workforce management, human capital planning, recruitment, process and procedure evaluation, government compliance, strategic alignment and relationship management.

Email: robyn@veteransascend.com
Phone: 864-887-5865

Veterans ASCEND

Veterans ASCEND is a Veteran-Owned company whose mission is to bring Veterans and Employers together. Find your dream career today by clicking here.

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